• Only company based in the Western Cape to provide live fuel monitoring!



  • The level of fuel on board vehicle can be viewed during live tracking.


  • When refueling takes place, the amount of litres of fuel taken on board and the location where the refueling occurred, is reflected in the daily report.


  • Reports on fuel usage between selected dates can be generated and automatically calculates litres/km and km/litre.


  • Monthly reports showing total fuel usage and total fuel currently available in all vehicles can be drawn instantly.


  • The information can also be utilised to determine litres per hour for generators and earth moving machines.


  • In addition, the installed area calculation feature makes it possible to determine litres per Ha (for agricultural applications).



Please note that these are only a few of the many many reports that our desktop software can offer.

Fleet Management in Cape Town and Johannesburg - Frotcom South Africa
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